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        The Icon Prize has been established to support the careers of artists who         gather together around a common literary work.  The winner of this year's contest, inspired by the literary novel, The Unfastened Heart (Dutton/Penguin), is Miguel Martinez, whose portrait, Mi Corazon, above, spoke to the judges for its luminous, timeless qualities.  The author writes, "With this work, Mr. Martinez captures a face of lambent sympathy, of exquisite wisdom.  Anna de la Senda would surely regard the world through such a shining countenance as this.  Bravissimo."

Finalist Monica Vanzant created this wondrous portrait of Mariela out of a desire to capture "the feeling of peace and calmness in someone who knows they are loved."  Oil on canvas.


Icon Finalist Christy Boyer is a painter and freelance illustrator.  She received her B.A. from Anderson University where she studied Graphic Design and Fine Art.  Her paintings have appeared in galleries throughout Indiana.  This work is entitled "Mother," representing Anna de la Senda in an iconic style, surrounded by redemptive imagery from nature.  The artist writes, "This painting went through many changes as I struggled to integrate the rich metaphors of Ms. von Herzen's writing.  I enjoyed the entire process immensely."  Oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches.


Finalist Lina Brazauskaite sent her submission, above,  from her home country of Lithuania, where she studies applied photography.  In the artist's words, "I wanted to create an amazing work -- sacred,  mysterious and romantic -- for Ms. von Herzen's novel.   People want to see this photo again and again." 


Finalist Ken Min was born in Seoul, Korea, where he received his BFA in painting and Art History.  He holds his BA, with a focus on book illustration, from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.  He currently works as a painter at Lucasfilm in San Rafael.  This work, at 28 x 50 inches, is an oil painting on a cryptic panel, with vintage victorian fabric.